Seasons of Change Series

Book 1

 Come Next Winter

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When her husband and youngest son are killed in a tragic accident, Carol Mason struggles to forge a new life for herself and her surviving sons. Though Vermont has been their home for twenty years, betrayal and misunderstanding force Carol to leave the mountains she loves and return to her hometown of Apache Pointe, Arizona. There she is welcomed by scorching heat, lizards, scorpions, and (gulp) Aunt Penny. Carol finds a sympathetic friend in her cousin Millie as she does her best to put the pieces of her shattered life back together. But her prayers for guidance and a decent place to live away from Aunt Penny’s disapproving eye go unanswered. Has God turned a deaf ear to her just when she needs Him the most?

The answer might be found in the handsome pastor of her family’s church. Frank is everything she would look for in a spouse. If she were looking. Which she is not. Especially when she discovers that Millie has set her hopes on becoming the pastor’s next wife. Aunt Penny’s outrageous attempts to ensure that Millie wins Frank’s heart bring Carol’s past crashing into her present, and might destroy any chance she has at a happy future.


Seasons of Change Series

Book 2

The Promise of Spring


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HannaDulworth-2PromiseofSpringWill they walk away from love or learn to trust?

Millie Drake’s mind drifts between hard-knock reality and starry-eyed fantasy as she tries to keep her six-month romance with Lou Blythe from her dysfunctional mother. Her mother, Penny, expects more for Millie than a shy, knuckle-cracking, computer geek with a mangy, germ-carrying dog. When the couple’s secret comes out, Penny works overtime to sabotage their odious relationship.

Along with his computer business, Lou sings with The Warble-Heirs quartet, with a voice so deep it melts the polish off your toenails. The quartet is offered a six-week contract to sing on a cruise ship. That’s when a scheming Penny rolls up her matchmaking sleeves to snag a new love interest for Millie. KAPP’s hunky news anchor is in her cross hairs.

Meanwhile, on the cruise ship, Lou has battles of his own as he wrestles with wind, waves, and women.

Will Penny finally get her comeuppance? Can Millie and Lou find their way back to each other? Will their struggles and personal doubts overpower the prospect of love and loyalty?


Seasons of Change Series

Book 3

The Call of Indian Summer


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Recently widowed Sue North leaves her stately Vermont home to work with her daughter and son-in-law caring for orphans near Apache Pointe, Arizona. The last thing Sue wants in her peaceful new life is to catch the eye of another man. But then, in one jaw-dropping moment, suave attorney, Brian Campton, saunters into her path. After dealing with her husband’s abuse, can she find the courage or desire to begin a relationship with someone as serious-minded as Brian?

Meanwhile, Stuart Drake, the handsome survivor of a loveless marriage, is on the lam from the dogged church ladies keen on his availability. He chooses the tuck-tail-and-run method to guard his battered soul, all the while yearning for affection he’s never known. Has finding the joy of a shared love eluded him? Enter Sue North. Stuart finds himself tripping over his heart. She’s beautiful, vibrant, and . . . too young. The age gap haunts him. Can he compete with the flirtatious lawyer’s money and sophistication?




 Reflections of a Stranger

A Murder Mystery

51z6oUWH5lL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_amazon-logo_black-300x145Cora and her husband, PGA golf pro Steady Eddie Timms, live in a safe gated community, so when Cora witnesses a murder, she’s shocked and frightened. But without a body, murder weapon, or evidence of a crime, Cora’s sanity is called into question—especially when it comes to light that Cora’s not been dealing well with the stress and grief of losing a daughter, and her memory of late hasn’t been all it should be.

Determined to prove her sanity, Cora bursts into a flurry of danger and unanswered questions as she sets out to find evidence of foul play. With the help of a bumbling security guard, a loyal best friend, and a neighbor’s yappy dog, pieces finally fall into place. By all appearance, the mystery is solved… until Cora is kidnapped and implicated in a case of hidden identity and an old embezzlement scheme. It will take more than the national attention garnered from Steady Eddie’s status to clear Cora’s name, rescue her from the kidnappers, and help find her way back to the peace and sanity found only in God’s loving arms.



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Novels include works by authors Linda Hanna and Deborah Dulworth, Patricia Lee, Angela Ruth Strong, Christa MacDonald, Kimberly Johnson, Annette M. Irby, and Miralee Ferrell.


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  1. I’m definitely intrigued by The Promise of Spring! Millie and Lou caught my attention in Come Next Winter, so I’m interested to see how it all works out for them. 🙂

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